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Marcia Burtt,

one of SCAPE’s founding members.

Our Juror:  Marcia Burtt, one of SCAPE's founding members

Marcia's Bio

As part of our celebration of SCAPE’s twentieth Anniversary, we are honored to announc that Marica will be the juror for our first ehibition of 2022.

Marcia Burtt received a BA from UC Berkeley and an MA from University of Montana.

After graduation she worked as a graphic designer, typesetter, and book designer, taking life drawing classes at SBCC a couple of afternoons a week.

One afternoon the model didn’t show up, so she looked out the window and painted her first landscape.

  She fell in love with standing at the easel outdoors, painting from observation in the real world. Working to preserve open spaces and celebrating wildness has been integral to her development as an artist and as a human being.

Medium:                         *Paintings in oil, acrylic, pastel, watercolor; drawings in charcoal, colored pencil. Or                                                          graphite; and mixed media.  Digital work or photography not accepted

Dimensions:                   *All dimensions are fine since this is an online sh

Commission:                  *50% to artist, 40% to beneficiary, and 10% to SCAPE 

Entry Form:                   *Entry form is at onlinejuriedshows.com.  Help including instructional videos is provided on their site,  or phone 888-666-1351

Entry Fee:                      *Entry fee paid at time of submission through Online Juried Shows

                                       $25 for first entry and $10 each additional for up to 5 entries total

                                      *Submission fees are non-refundable 

Sales /Shipping:            *Sales will be handled by Los Padres Association.

                                      *Artists are responsible for contacting buyers to arrange for delivery or shipment of sold work

                                    *Buyer should pay no sales tax if painting is to be shipped outside CA. If a mistake has been

         made by salesperson, it should be corrected between artist and Los Padres Association before                   shipping artwork. Artist will suggest fair price to pack and ship.  Buyer will pay this amount directly to        artist 

       *UPS will pack INSURE and ship.  You just ned to give the buyer's address.


Awards:                         First Place                    Ribbon             $300

                                      Second Place                Ribbon             $200

                                      Third Place                   Ribbon             $100

                                      Honorable Mention      Ribbon             $  75

                                      Juror’s Choice              Ribbon              $100

                                      Beneficiaries’ Choice   Ribbon              Gift Bag from Beneficiaries           

                                      People's Choice             Ribbon              SCAPE Paint Bag and Apron


Publicity:                       *Multiple opportunities for publicity for  this show will be provided by the benefiiaries,

SCAPE and Online Juried Show.

Questions:                    *Karen Glancy, Exhibitions Chair, SCAPE

                                      Phone 805-444-7848 (leave a message!)

                                      Email: ktglancy76@msn.com

                                      Please use subject line “SCAPE SHOW Question”

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