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A Brief History of SCAPE's Beginnings

--Marcia Burtt, SCAPE Founder 

SCAPE had its beginnings in 2002 when Susan Belloni, Camille Dellar, and I met together, impelled by Larry Iwerks who had often pointed out that raising money for environmental causes should be open to the painting community at large rather than being restricted to a small group of invitees.

Patricia Doyle thought up the wonderful name Southern California Artists Painting for the Environment—SCAPE. Don Crocker obtained our 501 C-6 designation and has been a faithful board member ever since. 

We decided to have a "working board" so that each board member was head of a committee charged with getting work done—exhibitions, workshops, and so on.

Starting with ideas from the first officers, the mission and activities of SCAPE have gradually taken shape: we are now a substantial group of outdoor painters participating in regular and very successful juried exhibitions to raise money for the environment while providing opportunities to make friends with other artists through painting together, installing shows together, and learning together.


Who We Are

SCAPE is a group of local and nationally-known artists, students, patrons, gallery owners and others.

Our Mission

Our mission is  to promote camaraderie and artistic growth for our members while helping to raise money for non-profit environmental organizations through a variety of events. 

Our Events

Our events include Shows, Paintouts, Workshops and Special Events which can be reached in the site menu above.  We hold at least two major art shows and two to three workshops per year and paintouts once a month. Special events include a yearly membership meeting, a board retreat, and other educational, social and promotional events including art demos and excursions.

Invitation Poster to Bacara Show Unveiled  (Click Here to view full poster)


Our talented Graphics Chair, Cheryl Fontana, has unveiled her lovely invitation to SCAPE"S upcoming show, "Visions of the Gaviota Coast,"  at the Bacara Ritz-Carlton Hotel and Resort, to be held on March 13 and 14.  The poster features a beautiful painting by Rick Garcia, Oak Group artist and SCAPE member, who will be juror of the show.  Paintings of other SCAPE artists who will participate in the show are also featured.

This year, we are hoping for a large turnout of both contributing artists and attendees to help promote sales and and insure the show's success, and SCAPE members are urged to send the poster to family and friends.  Says Carrie Givens, SCAPE president, "This is for digital use so go ahead and spread the word." 

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Welcome to Wild Apricot

 The SCAPE Board recently adopted Wild Apricot, an all-in-one software program that incorporates website building, membership, contact mailing list, and event management and much more.  A committee (see Staff at right) was formed to implement and manage the program. 

 This a work in progress, so please bear with us as we work through the challenges of improving each segment of the program and adding more of its features such as blogs and forums.  

Contact us.   We will be holding training sessions for our various chairs, committee heads, and other members who are interested. If you are adept at mastering software programs and want to volunteer your help, please email Linda Collins at lfc96796@gmail.com or Karen Glancyat ktglancy76@msn.com. 


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