The Topa Institute is located in the Ojai valley surrounded by the glory of the Topa Topa mountains. The aim of Topa Institute is to create community amidst their natural space where they -S.C.A.P.E. October Paint Out 2023

Saturday, October 21st 2023,   8:30 - 3pm

Haskell’s Beach, Bacara

Haskell’s Beach is one of Goleta’s finest surfing and summer beach lounging destinations. Originally named Hel’apunitse (Shovelnosed Guitarfish) by the traditional Chumash owners, this sandy beach has been an area of human activity and enjoyment for many ages. In the late 1920’s when oil deposits were first discovered along the Ellwood Coast, Tecolote Beach soon became an industrial zone, and was quickly covered with piers, roads, and utilities for manufacturing oil. Only remnants of these piers exist today aside from one long pier that reaches out in the distance.

In the 1960’s Tecolote Beach became known by surfers as Haskell’s, after Mike Haskell, the ‘keeper of the key’ to Tecolote Canyon Ranch’s private beach. Local surfers would need Mike's permission to surf there, coining the name Haskell’s. Around 1999 Haskell’s was purchased and began its transformation into the luxury resort Bacara, where it remains to this day. Although this beach has undergone many transitions through its time, its beauty remains and offers a bounty of opportunities for painting.

As you meander your way down the footpath from parking lot to the beach observe the restoration of endemic plants surrounding you. Pinch a leaf of fragrant sage and listen for a symphony of birdcalls echoing throughout the muted chaparral. When you reach the beach to the west are views of where Tecolote Creek mouth meets the ocean. Atop the bluffs you can study the complexities of the Bacara’s Spanish style architecture and how Haskell’s pier tapers off to the horizon. If you venture to the east you will discover a handful of footpaths leading you to higher ground. A 10-15 minute walk up the hill will perch you with a panoramic view of the ocean and coastline under the shade a giant eucalyptus tree. You can follow this same footpath for a loop, down and around the bluff through eucalyptus forest, down to soft cushioned sand dunes. If you’re feeling like a hike you can work your way down the beach to the local bird perch lined with a resting seabirds. While exploring Haskells keep your eyes peeled for views of the islands, towering trees, wildlife, and the aesthetic juxtaposition between the natural and the man-made…

The painting opportunities are endless…

Please enjoy your time creating art, stick to the trails, and pack all your trash.


Traveling northbound on the U.S. Highway 101:  You take exit 110 for Winchester Canyon Road toward Hollister Ave, you continue on Calle Real and turn left at the stop sign onto Cathedral Oaks Road. You then turn right onto Hollister and head down a big hill where you should be prepared to enter the Haskell’s parking lot on your left-hand-side near the Bacara’s tennis courts. 

Traveling southbound on the U.S. Highway 101:   Follow the US-101 S to Cathedral Oaks Road in Goleta. Take exit 110 from US-S and make a right-hand-turn at the stop sign. Make anther right-hand-turn and the next stop sign on to Hollister Ave that will bring you down a big hill. At the bottom of the hill you should be prepared to enter the Haskell’s parking lot on your left-hand-side near the Bacara’s tennis courts. 

For more information on the history of Haskell’s  you can visit…

Happy painting!

by Colin Schildhauer


Saturday September 9th, 9 AM-12 PM

By Jerry Martin

The Empathy Center

1964 Las Canoas Rd, Santa Barbara, CA 93105

The Scape show for the Santa Barbara Trails Council is in October.  With that in mind we will be having the September paint out at the new Empathy Center on a hill in Rattlesnake Canyon near the Canyon trail head.  The sprawling campus is on the site of the former Saint Mary’s Seminary grounds.  The Center focuses on all aspects of empathy studies, training, and implementation for conflict resolution.  We all know that without gaining a community and even global capacity for empathy the growing trends of polarization are daunting.  This Centers mission is most timely.  The Center on 35 acres is poised on a hill with expansive views of Santa Barbara, the ocean and the mountains including Rattlesnake Canyon and La Cumbre Peak.  As such the views will include areas of trails for many miles.  

The Center is evolving and open to the integration of communities’ workshops, conferences, seminars and an art center as well.  Some of you may want to look at the Centers website and take a tour of the physical area as well as gaining from the focus of the Center.

Addendum:  In case you are wondering Colin is enthusiastic about leading us in the Paint Outs.  However, he is also just starting a university course to have a teaching credential.  Some months he will continue to set up the monthly paint outs and others you will be stuck with your familiar team doing our best to keep us painting.  We wish Colin an exciting and successful year in his ongoing pursuits. 

DirectionsTake Mission Canyon Rd north off Route 192, Foothill Rd, over a small bridge, Mission Creek, to Las Canoas Rd.  Take a right turn on Las Canoas for about 1 mile.  You will see a large sign to the Center on the left.  Take the drive up the hill.  You will come to a large gymnasium and parking on the right.  On the left will be a sign to the office and another parking area.  Park in this area to look around to find your muse.  If you prefer it is fine to park in the first lot as well.  There will be a series of virtual meetings and seminars going on in some of the buildings so when close by please keep conversations in our normal tones. 

Hope to see you there.  Please sign the insurance waiver which will be on a silver Toyota Rav. 


By Jerry Martin

One of the great perks of being in SCAPE is having monthly collegial paint outs with like-minded nice people.  If you haven't been to one, you will be hooked once you do!  It is always fun to paint in new and interesting locations of urban-scapes, landscapes and seascapes.  We meet at a location of scenic beauty often chosen in conjunction with an upcoming show. Whether you are experienced with plein air painting, interested in taking photographs or perhaps drawing for use in the studio later, or just want to share being in natural settings with others, it is worth checking out.

We have enjoyed gathering at Naples with ocean bluffs, agricultural land and mountains; a private organic farm in the Santa Ynez Valley near Buellton; Lake Carneros; an historic adobe and farm on the Gaviota coast, Arroyo Hondo Preserve; and a hilltop avocado ranch in the foothills.   We like to explore new venues, classic locations, and beautiful sights. 

There are certain paint outs that require a reservation as they are being held on private land or lands managed by one of our beneficiaries such as EDC: Coal Oil Point, Sedgwick, Salt Marsh.

As a SCAPE member if you have access or live in a spot that offers an enticing view and would accommodate around a dozen painters to set up, please contact Colin Schildhauer, Filiberto Lomeli or Jerry Martin.  We would all much appreciate new ideas and new locations. Join Us!


Release of Liability:  

Please remember to always sign the Release of Liability at a Paint Out.  Look for Colin, Jerry or Fil or whoever else may be in charge of the Paint Out.  

What to Bring 

Bring sunscreen, a hat, maybe an umbrella, and a water bottle so that you can stay comfortable and hydrated throughout the day.


Colin Schildhauer, Chair

Jerry Martin

Filiberto Lomeli, Co-Chair 

Fred Powell, Committee Member



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