"Saving the Environment, One Painting at a Time,"

Slideshow:  Our Members at work and on Display

SCAPE Board of Directors 2021

Board Directors, Officers & Chairs

President:                      Linda Faye Collins
Vice President:                *Open 
Budget & Finance            Donald Crocker

Treasurer:                      Fred Powell
Assistant Treasurer:        Lee Savage
Secretary:                      Joan Russell Price

Assistant Secretary:        *Open Position

Workshops:                    *Open Position 

Exhibits:                            Karen Glancy

Paintouts & Education:  Jerry Martin 

                                        Fred Powell

                                        Filiberto Lomeli

Communications:               *Open position

Zoom Master:                  Carrie Givens        
Graphics & PR:                Cheryl Fontana
President Emeritus:             Carrie Givens

Non-Board Chairs

Website Editors:                Linda Faye Collins

                                        Karen Glancy 

                                        Cezanne Totton

Membership  Chair:             Cezanne Totton

Beneficiary Chair:             
Newsletter Editor                Karen Fedderson


SCAPE is a 501 (C) (6) non-profit, run for and by its members.  There are many ways to enjoy the camaraderie by volunteering for a Board Position and/or or as a Committee Member. The Board has been fortunate to have the continuing support of so many hard-working members, since SCAPE's inception in 2002.  To keep the organization alive, we need others to step up to the plate and volunteer for a board position for a term of one or more years.  Training will be provided.  The Board meets once a month at the studio of Marcia Burtt, one of SCAPE's founders.  Committees meet on an as-needed basis.  Open positions needing to be filled are highlighted in blue below.  

SCAPE BOARD MEMBERS for 2019 -- Back Row:  Allison Gobbell, Fil Lomeli, Karen Glancy, Carrie Givens, Myla Kato, Don Crocker, Carol Zepke, Bonnie Freeman  Front Row:  Natalie Wilson, Cheryl Fontana.  Not in photo:  Jerry Martin, Linda Collins

A Brief History of SCAPE's Beginnings

--Marcia Burtt, SCAPE Founder 

          SCAPE had its beginnings in 2002 when Susan Belloni, Camille Dellar, and I met together, impelled by Larry Iwerks who had often pointed out that raising money for environmental causes should be open to the painting community at large rather than being restricted to a small group of invitees.

          Patricia Doyle thought up the wonderful name Southern California Artists Painting for the Environment—SCAPE. Don Crocker obtained our 501 C-6 designation and has been a faithful board member ever since. 

          We decided to have a "working board" so that each board member was head of a committee charged with getting work done—exhibitions, workshops, and so on.

          Starting with ideas from the first officers, the mission and activities of SCAPE have gradually taken shape: we are now a substantial group of outdoor painters participating in regular and very successful juried exhibitions to raise money for the environment while providing opportunities to make friends with other artists through painting together, installing shows together, and learning together.


Board Committees

Finance and Corporate Compliance Committee

Don Crocker, Budget & Finance, Chair

Carrie Givens, President, ex officio

Linda Faye Collins, Treasurer ex officio

Barbara Gates, Mail Distribution, Bank Deposits

Bookkeeping Plus, Paid Bookkeeping

Karen Glancy, Assistant Treasurer

Paintout and Education Committee

Jerry Martin, Paintout Chair

Fil Lomeli, Paintout Co-Chair & Education Chair

Fred Powell, Committee Member

Communications & PR Committee

Open, Communications & PR Chair

Open, Paid PR professionsal

Karen Fedderson, Newsletter Chair

Linda Collins,Wild Apricot Co-Editor

Karen Glancy, Wild Apricot Co-Editor

Cezanne Totton, Wild Apricot Membership Editor

Fred Powell, Logowear Chair

Workshop Committee

Open, Workshop Chair

Betty Helton, Committee Member

Karen Glancy, Committee Member

Kerri Hedden, Committee Member

Shows Committees


Karen Glancy, Shows Chair

Open*, Beneficiary Chair

Ingathering Crew

Lori Lenz, Leader

Janice Lorber

Bonnie Freeman

Francine McOwen

Heisoon Hahn

Linda Faye Collins

Mirella Olsen

Carolyn Paterson


Anne Anderson


Myla Kato

Cheryl Fontana


Fil Lomeli, Leader

Fred Powell

Tom Keenan

Tom Moore

Anthony Galvan

Larry Iwerks

Myla Kato

Don Crocker

Jerry Martin

John Rindlaub


Nina Warner, Leader

Libby Smith

Peggy Brierton

Karen Glancy




Leader *Open

Joan Russell Price

Show Breakdown

Fil Lomeli

2019 Board of Directors. (Back row:  left to right: Allison Goebbels, Filiberto Lomeli, Karen Glancy, Carrie Givens ,

Myla Kato, Don Crocker, Carol Zepke, Bonnie Freeman, Front row:  left to right:  Natalie Wilson, Cheryl Fontana.  Not in photo:  Jerry Martin, Linda Collins

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