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SCAPE Newsletter - June 2023

Message from our PRESIDENT

By Linda Faye Collins

There will be the sad news come this fall if SCAPE does not fill the vice president and president positions. The vice president position is vacant and this will be my last year as President, and for SCAPE to continue, SCAPE members must step up and volunteer as Vice-president and President-Elect now to learn the ropes. It’s not hard, really! I and the rest of the Board are available to provide information and guidance.

If SCAPE fills the President’s position, I will continue on as Treasurer for a year, but we must find an Assistant Treasurer who will take on the job of Treasurer the following year.  SCAPE has a good bookkeeping firm that does the heavy lifting. 

We could not possibly put on our exhibits without the efforts of our indispensable Fil Lomeli.  While he has the help of a great hanging crew, he could always use an assistant to train as his Hanging Co-Chair.

Additional volunteer help is needed for our exhibits, but I’ll let Karen Glancy, our much over-burdened Shows Chair speak for herself.  (See Below).

Folks, the demise of SCAPE is not an idle threat.  This truly is a plea for volunteers to step up to help keep SCAPE alive. Contact me through the CONTACT US PAGE of SCAPE’s website or email me directly at:

On a joyful note, the SCAPE Board is fortunate to have two new volunteers, Kellie Stoelting and Colin Schildhauer. Kellie Stoelting joined the Board several months ago. She brings her administrative skills to the task of Board Secretary. Kellie also volunteered to be Website Manager. Thank you, Kellie! See more about Kellie and her artwork on her Instagram. Kellie Stoelting (@kelstoart) • Instagram photos and videos

Colin Schildhauer volunteered to be the Paint Out Chair. Welcome Colin! See his article in this newsletter about the upcoming paint out. And check out Colin’s fabulous work on his website. About (

I can’t sign off without a genuine huge THANK YOU to those who have persevered selflessly on the board for the past few years and some for much longer. They are listed below in the newsletter, and they deserve your thanks too. 


By Karen Glancy 

Wow!  Here in Carpinteria we have gone from winter's snow-topped mountains and coastal rains to May Gray and June Gloom! It’s hard to paint in plein air when the air is so thick with moisture,  but with the dew on everything, my garden was so beautifully bejeweled, it felt like magic.

The Diversity of Painting show is over on the 3rd of June. Thank you to all that participated and shared on social media. The show site had 650 views by the public and I have heard from several people that it was a great show!

We will be having a fall exhibit in October with Santa Barbara County Trails Council: Trails, Parks, and Open Spaces. It will be held at the beautiful Music Academy of The West, the same venue as the last December show. It will most likely be open for entries on the first of August at Online Juried Shows. 

SCAPE is calling for volunteers who are absolutely necessary to help out with the show.   We need people to step up to make our organization work for the good of all.  Training will be provided

The positions needed for the show are:

Committee chair for the reception. 

You will help form and organize a committee to plan the reception and work it, and coordinate with SCAPE board for a budget for whatever is planned. 

Public Relations Chair

You will be responsible for getting notices to all the appropriate media, including newspapers and social media, and coordinate with Scape board on a budget for this. 

Sales Volunteers:

You will help the sales chair with the sales of paintings during the show.  

Security Chair:

You will help form a committee to watch over the show, keep track of paintings sold, and organize a checkout system at the end of show for artists to retrieve their unsold paintings.  (We had a few problems at the last show, and need to avoid them in the future.)

A really big thank you to the members who have been doing the jobs for several years 

The Set up Committee , The take in Committee and the Hanging Committee.


by Colin Schildhaur

June Paint Out

Monday June 12th, 2023

Arroyo Hondo Preserve

9:30 - 1pm

GPS: CA-1, Goleta, CA 93117

The Arroyo Hondo Preserve is located west of Goleta between Refugio State Beach and
Gaviota State Park. It consists of 782 acres of pristine natural space offering an abundance of micro habitats that embody the Gaviota coast. With the Santa Ynez Mountains to the North and and the Great Pacific Ocean to the south, enjoy a bounty of beautiful vistas offering views of the channel islands juxtaposed by sedimentary rocky outcroppings and towering peaks. After a sharp exit off the 101 freeway you’ll slowly descend into the canyon, muting the rumble of cars from above and into a quiet haven immersed in nature. Artistic endeavors can be found convenient as our meeting spot at the barn. For those eager to get their steps in, there’s a multitude of trailheads begging to be explored. Meander your way up the Arroyo Hondo creek trails experiencing riparian habitat shaded by lofty canopies of Sycamore trees. Venture further and stumble across meadows vibrating with Spring colors and buzzing pollinators. For those feeling adventurous, wander further, where you will begin to ascend into groves of ancient oak trees, yuccas, and fields of sage. Please tune your sensors to high and settle into your work quietly as the local wildlife begins to accept your presence. It’s not uncommon to be visited by various bird species, curious squirrels, amphibians, reptiles, and if your lucky the elusive Bobcat. Arroyo Hondo is protected forever and managed by the Land Trust as a natural and historic preserve rich in Chumash and early California history. Please enjoy your time creating
art, stick to the trails, and pack all your trash.


Traveling northbound on the U.S. Highway 101:   The Preserve is about a 30-minute drive from downtown Santa Barbara. Approximately 4 miles past Refugio State Beach, you will see a blue “Rest Area in 7 miles” sign followed closely by a yellow warning sign about falling rocks. The entrance to Arroyo Hondo is in 1/2 mile and will be visible on the right at the bottom of the hill. Make a right-hand turn into the driveway. Come down the driveway, cross the bridge on the right and park near the barn.

For more information on Arroyo Hondo including key resources such as field maps, nature guides, and ways of donating to support the care and management of this cherished area,

please visit the website found here...
Happy painting!

For more information on Arroyo Hondo including key resources such as field maps, nature guides, and ways of donating to support the care and management of this cherished area,
please visit the website found here...
Happy painting!

Membership News


by Cezanne Totton

Lately, I’ve been thinking about many things - much like the Walrus in Alice and Wonderland who said, "The time has come to talk of many things, of shoes-and ships-and sealing-wax- of cabbages-and kings-and why the sea is boiling hot-and whether pigs have wings.”

Last month I dreamt the ocean’s death triggered chaos everywhere. I was in the midst of organizing a rescue brigade when the dream slid sideways into family matters and the whispering ether. I am reminded of the enriching mycelium weaving through the earth and I think of life’s building blocks we inherited from the stars, that filigree of life that connects us all. Art, too, evokes connections, may that be a path to the past or the future, maybe a crossroads or social commentary, a mystical journey, an allegory, a dance, a mirror, a place of solace, space to breathe …

I’m looking forward to visiting the Santa Barbara Mission and absorbing the impact of 34 life-size photos of Michelangelo’s frescoes.

Rome Comes to Santa Barbara - Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel: The Exhibition (

Member News

Don't miss your chance to join the Environmental Defense Center for one of Santa Barbara's best-loved summer event series - tgif! We are excited to announce the return of our summer happy hour series that has been on hiatus since the beginning of COVID.  Where else can you enjoy a glass of local wine or a frosty beer, delicious bites from food vendors, and live music with 200-300 like-minded community members, all while learning about some of the amazing environmental work being done in our region? 

Only at tgif!

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