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SCAPE Newsletter - May 2024

Message from our PRESIDENT

By Kathy McGill

Dear SCAPE Members,

Happy May to you all!  Our curious weather continues:  fog, wind, sun, rain - there’s something for everyone!

I would like to open this newsletter with a thank-you to Cristine Crooks, who has agreed to step in as Membership Co-chair, and ultimately take over from Cezanne Totton at the end of the year.  Thank you also to David Cooper, who has assumed the role of SCAPE Treasurer.  Both David and Cristine were voted on to the Board in April, and they are already bringing energy and new ideas - welcome to both of you!

This month brings urgent new recruitment needs.  While I am learning a lot during my time as President, my personal circumstances have changed in ways I did not anticipate, so I have informed the Board that I will be stepping down by the end of this year.  Kellie Stoelting, our Board Secretary, has also elected to step down at the end of the year.  We need to fill both of  these positions as soon as possible, in order to ensure the future success of SCAPE.  

Ideally, the person who volunteers to replace me will be able to step into the currently vacant Vice President role ASAP.  The VP role is flexible, but he/she would be the perfect person to start preparing for 2025 shows, so that we can begin to get ahead of the curve with our show planning.

The Board Secretary fulfills a vital role in keeping SCAPE running:  scheduling Board meetings, writing and distributing the meeting minutes,and maintaining key documents.  I think of it as the glue that keeps us up and running.

If you think you might be interested in one of these positions, or want to learn more, please reach out to me at  Alternatively, you can reach out to any Board member, and they will get you in contact with me or Kellie.

Thank you, and happy painting,


Exhibit News

By Karen Glancy

Dear SCAPE Members,  The short story is that we are still working on a fall show, and it’s proving challenging due to increased venue costs.  We have been working with the Gaviota Coastal Conservancy on bringing back the much-loved Bacara show and, so far, the costs of the venue and parking are more than expected.  We will stay connected with GCC, to see what we might be able to do together in 2025 and beyond. 

With quality venue costs consistently running multiple thousands of dollars a day, we need to think hard about the number of shows we have each year and how they are structured.  But - and it’s a big but - we don’t want to lose the special quality that SCAPE shows have.  SCAPE shows are known for quality work by quality artists.  That’s something to cherish and protect!

With that in mind, we are talking to the Music Academy about coming back this fall, and we have also started discussions with a couple of potential new beneficiaries.  Although it’s early days, these have the potential for building long-term relationships that go beyond shows.  While certainly not a given, it’s possible that from challenging times we can invent exciting new times.  We will see!

And as we keep saying, watch this space….

SCAPE is in discussion with potential beneficiaries for 2024.  Nothing has been confirmed yet, so watch this space!  If you know of an organization that could potentially be a good beneficiary, please let Kathy or Linda know.


by Your Paint Out Team


Saturday, May 11, 2024  9-12

Dos Pueblos Ranch  (Dos Pueblos Institute)


Coal Oil Point Reserve also known as Devereux Beach stretches for the sun set to the far west of Isla Vista. Generation after generation Coal Oil Point has provided local surfers with soft peeling waves, a sunbathing sanctuary for the industrious university student, a plethora of bird species for the keen watcher,and breathtaking views inspiring artists from all over to capture the ever-changing light. Looking out to sea, the the rocky reef harbors thick kelp beds that frame distant views of the channel islands. On a low tide this same reef becomes exposed where a bounty of tide pools appear glistening under the warm winter’s sun. After parking along the dirt lot hugged by a row of towering eucalyptus trees explore the abundance of paths that meander their way out to the tip of the point. If you are feeling less inclined for a walk there are excellent views facing east and west a mere 100 meters or so from the public parking lot. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous you can hike your gear out to the tip of the point and around the corner where extended views of the Gaviota coastline appear and rhythmic waves lull the shore of Sands Beach, yet another beloved hangout for local beach goers. Please note there may be less tree coverage here

On the Gaviota coast, the original inhabitants were of Chumash origin. At the Ranch there were two villages on bluffs over the ocean with the outlet of Dos Pueblos Creek forming a small lagoon between. Please look at the Ranch’s website You will find an interesting history of the ranch and the Gaviota coastal area. The mission of the current stewards of this environmental treasure is available as well. 

There are several areas to the ranch, including that of the primary residence with ancillary housing, multiple old beautiful outbuildings, including carriage houses and workshops, and meadows rolling to the ocean. Originally this property stretched from El Capitan beach to where the airport is now. 

This paint out will be limited to the area along the entrance road which includes the old stables, woodland, and ending at the beach, cliffs and bluffs. One may park along the lane or at the beach. Bathrooms are available at the beach.

See directions to the ranch below. After exiting the freeway and going through the underpass, you will come to a stop sign. Go straight ahead on the entrance road to this area. You will now be on the ranch with the road ending at the beach. It is OK to park along this road if you see a site you would like to paint. Do not take the road that bears to the right, this is a separate property.

Please be sure to sign two separate waivers. One is for Scape and the other is for Dos Pueblos Institute.  I know you will appreciate painting on this special property.

Directions:  From Santa Barbara continue north on 101 to the Dos Pueblos Canyon Exit.  The offramp becomes a frontage road.  Stay on it turning left under the freeway.  After 100 yards you will reach a stop sign.  From the stop sign continue straight onto the Ranch. Address:  La Casa Grande Circle, Goleta

We hope to see you there,  The Paint Out Team

Member News

SCAPE has a vast community of talented artists who have much to offer each other by way of conversation about their individual craft.  In that spirit, SCAPE is offering an interview and demo with our own multi media artist Libby Smith at 5:00 pm, May 23rd from her beautiful studio where we will talk about her painting process and the materials she uses.  

You can use the link below to join the meeting.   Should you have any difficulty accessing the meeting, you can call my wife Susan Powell (who will be assisting me during the meeting) at (805) 729-0806.  And if you wish to contact me prior to the meeting, my email address is  

I look forward to seeing you there.

Fred Powell

Topic: SCAPE Libby Smith Workshop

Time: May 23, 2024 05:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 812 6381 5485

Passcode: 496883

This event will be recorded for anyone who can’t watch live. Please contact Fred Powell either via email (noted above) or by text or phone (805) 729-0806, to request a link to the recording.

The Famous Untold StorMy good friend Ted Rhodes who helped Jury this show (and contributed a photograph) is recognized as the leader of the decades long efforts to preserve the Carpinteria Bluffs I in its entirety, a goal that remains 27 acres short of being accomplished. In many occasions throughout the years he liked to tell what he called "the untold story" recognizing the importance of the visual artists, painters and photographers in winning the hearts of the community and important decision makers at the local and State level.Figueroa Mountain is Bloomin' Lovely

We received a Wildflower Update from Helen Tarbet, Recreation Technician at the US Forest Service: 

"Well, spring has sprung, and the wildflowers are starting to do the same. While most of the flowers are currently in the lower elevation, some of the early varieties are starting to bloom in higher elevations as well."

If you would like to be added to the Figueroa Wildflower Update email list, please send your request to Helen Tarbet by email at

Please follow the links to see the USFS Figueroa Mountain Wildflower Guide:

Recently as he was being interviewed once again he began to tell about Meredith Abbott (she is in the show), Thomas Van Stein (also in the show) and myself sitting outside the local markets, gathering signatures in opposition of development at the bluffs.  And about the painting demonstrations on location with the venerable Ray Strong fascinating the young children with his enthusiastic booming voice and emphatic hand gestures... Then Ted stopped and laughed saying "I guess I've told the story so many times now, that, I can't call it the untold story any more"
Told or untold, the story continues and you can be part of it, come see the show, see if you fall in love with a little memory of our beloved bluffs and take it home, leaving a little bit of change to help us keep our sacred bluffs from a big tragic change,  Hope to see you soon. Sincer

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